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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Days 16 and 17

 Everyone has a favorite candy. And everyone changes their favorite candy a few times. For the longest time, though, my favorite was Nerds. When I was 11-16, we lived in a small town with one itty-bitty little gas station store, and one thing I had fun doing was scrounging up money, and then buying Candy with it. I would hunt down pop bottles, or shuffle through the gravel driveways looking for spare change (hey, it worked! Once I found $.75 in quarters, and another time a coin from Andora!), and once I had rustled up enough I would sneak down to the store and buy Candy. Nerds were the best, because they could last a long time. And there was an advantage to the Nerds--they didn't leave telltale colors on your mouth!

My friend gave me a huge box of Nerds for Christmas, and I stretched it out for as long as possible, but caved in last night and finished it all off. =) I like Nerds. 

This next one was at the suggestion of my friend, Natalie. I was desperate for something to draw (Already! Not even 3 weeks into this thing!), and she suggested a sunset. 

Both these pictures were done with colored pencils stolen from my brother. 

That's all for tonight, I need to start getting more sleep these nights! See you on Saturday.


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