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Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Sad Way to Start the Month

This post was supposed to contain more pictures. I was supposed to put yesterday's and today's drawings here. What happened? How could we let February get off to such a dismal start?

I'll tell you how.

Our 'downstairs' [desktop] computer, Angus, died the other night. He's pretty much done for, poor fellow. My brother has been working to save all the pictures we have loaded on there, but once that is done we won't be able to do much more for him.
If it wasn't sad enough to lose one trusted friend/computer, the 'upstairs' laptop, Zeus, is on his last legs also. He will be going in for surgery in a few days, I just hope he recovers quickly.

The library computers work well for plain blogging, but they won't let me post pictures. =P

But for now, Happy Groundhog day, I will blog again as soon as possible!

Keep drawing,

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