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Monday, February 6, 2012

Time to play catch up!

My computer is back up and running (for the moment) so I'm going to go ahead and blog today, even though I usually blog Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. If I wait, it probably won't be working.
SO, you get a nice, long post full of pictures.
Let's start with Wednesday's, shall we?

I'm not too awesome at feet and shoes. But these turned out kind of okay.

Day 29--February 2nd, 2012!

This one has a story behind it. On Facebook, my friend made his status into rather a chat room, and we have been using it for the past five months. Between the bunch of us, we reached 10,000 just the other evening. This is my 'tribute' to The Status. I just wish I'd had more time to finish the drawing.

Day 30. Just doodles. It was relaxing to sit there and draw something that didn't need shading or proportions or delicate little details. Something that couldn't be done a right or wrong way, it would be just perfect the way I did it. =)

Can you identify the stick people from Day 31?

I was out of ideas, so I checked out Pinterest for the first time. This little guy was just too hairy and wrinkly to NOT draw! And I have a coworker who goes just crazy over bulldogs.
I think I'll name him Ralph.

Hopefully, I'll have another picture for you tomorrow!


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