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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Okay. I'm Back!/Days 33-40

Oh my goodness. 
I've fallen a bit behind on here, and in my actual drawings! I'm working to catch up both places, but you'll have to bear with me for now.

Most recently, I decided to change the whole "draw ten minutes a day" thing to "draw at least ten minutes a day." That happened when I spent (I cringe to think how far over ten minutes it was!) about an hour on a sketch. I felt guilty about that, but the drawing turned out nice! Here are seven drawings for you. I hope to have several more on here in the next few days, and be all caught up by the end of next week.

I spent some time around Valentine's Day trying to do Valentine's Day themed drawings. I was distracted on the 14th itself, though. Cupcakes, one of my true loves. =)

This one isn't very special.

I like this one better! Even when they're just stick figures!

We had cake in the break room at work. Nothing this fancy, but it inspired me.

Another one of my favorite songs, this one by Downhere

I'm sorry, but I can't remember what this costume is. It is from the same book as a drawing I shared earlier, on Fancy Dress Balls--What to Wear. If only I could show the original picture! Such detail on that dress!

Oh, I had such fun with this one. All but the first are contour drawings, and I didn't pick up the pen until I had finished all the outlines. Then I went back and did some of the details. I think I'm going to do more drawings similar to this one. I like how it looks like an apple, but it's not exact. They overlap, and vary in size.
It just makes the whole page interesting to me.

This is the drawing that took too long. I spent 22 minutes drawing it out, then had to trace, color, and paint it, bringing the total time spent up to around an hour! But it was worth it. I used water-proof pen and watercolor pencils. I don't care to use the watercolor pencils all the time, but it worked so well for this, where I wanted so many different colors! It meant that I didn't have to mix up ten different paints. I think this was easier on the paper, too, since it isn't heavy enough to use much water on.
This is another style I'm going to try to do again--there are more things I love, that I want to include!

Thank you for reading this, and I promise to start posting regularly again! Both our computers were down and out for a week or two, and then I was just lazy. I'll do better now. 

Have a nice night!

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lee said...

laura your doing great, what great drawings, my favourite is the cake, you did a fantastic job on tht one