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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I am Catching Up

...Slowly, but surely.

I'm almost caught up to today's drawing! I fell a day or two behind in the last few weeks, and it's so hard to catch back up once you do that. As soon as I get all the way up to the present, I'm going to stay caught up.

Where did I leave you in my last post? Day 40? Well here you are, 10 more pictures. 

My second attempt at apples. Very different from the first one! Sometime I'll sit there and give it a bit of color.

Unfinished coffee mug. I'm too lazy to go back and finish it! Maybe some day..

I had fun with these 3-D glasses that someone left at work! I think I might do another drawing of them sometime.

Yes, I fell victim to my pattern addiction again. Butterick 4790, only $.99! Some day I'll buy the 5 yards of fabric and make it. Maybe sooner than I think!

I had to listen to this song over and over and over at work for 5-8 hours at a time. It was on a music player, that would shuffle through about 30 seconds each of 12 different songs. It drove me insane! But now I know the first 30 seconds of Elvis's "Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me," along with this song. 
It shall be forever ingrained in my memory. =/

I've just discovered how much fun it is to draw maps to pretend places. The countries here don't even have names yet, but I put in the required castles, pirate ships, and mysterious forests!

It was a long day at work, and people kept asking me questions. And I couldn't think of half the answers! They never ask me the easy ones, it's always "What type of fusible should I get for..." "What type of fabric is this?" "What is the difference between worsted and sport weight yarns?"
Look at the picture, folks! There's your answer! 

Two of the three items are things lying around in the break room at work. The little gourd-dude is something that was lying around in my imagination.

And for day 50, a half-finished Map, to yet another unknown, unnamed world. Those are the best, you know. Places nobody has ever been to, and where you can imagine whatever you want! I can't wait to go there. 

And there you have it! That is up to day 50, and, Lord willing, I'll have more for you in a few days. Thanks for bearing with me and my slow postings. By the end of March I hope to be back to regular blog posts.

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Miss Me said...

Post more!!:D haha I miss your pictures!